Big bazzar strategies

Promoted by Kishore Biyani and owned by the Future Group, it has changed the way Indians shop by providing a one stop for all needs kind of a hypermarket chain.

From the free delivery of goods purchased for over Rs to streamlining of the cash counter processes through technological application and more efficient queueing systems in place, Big Bazaar realizes the importance processes play in the sale of merchandize and understands the implications this has on customer retention and satisfaction.

Hence, the pricing strategy in the marketing mix of Big Bazaar is not solely dependent upon competition and regulatory authorities.

Thus, all this provides an overview on the marketing mix of Big Bazaar. This in conjunction with multiple offers, sales, special discounts, season offs etc make purchasing from Big Bazaar lucrative. Agency Team Pumpkin Big Bazaar, a part of the Future Group retail and biggest hypermarket chain of the country is known for its offers and deals on food, fashion, accessories and electronics.

Besides this Big Bazaar also offers certain goods at low interest rates and uses psychological model of pricing Big bazzar strategies well as differential and bundling price strategies.

Big Bazaar offers food which comprises ready to eats, ready to cook packages, spices, chilled drinks, tea and coffee etc. Over 30 publications covered the campaign Big bazzar strategies news surrounding it. Results According to the brand, the campaign response was something to reckon with, both in the online and offline space.

These are usually areas high in population and traffic movement. Execution The campaign primarily was centred around how shopping together can get folks closer. Apparels usually comprise denims and T shirts, fabrics and cut pieces, casual clothing, party clothing, ethnics wear, accessories, under garments, dress materials, sarees and the likes.

Since major target audiences for Big Bazaar comprises middle class homemakers, value for money and competitive pricing is the strategy adopted. Secondly, Agency captured the ongoing user generated content by capturing and amplifying it through Social, PR and In Store activations.

Their Express format has an area of roughly square feet, their hypermarkets usually have an area of square feet while the super centres have upto 1 lakh square feet. Big Bazaar is known for promoting its products in very catchy, easy to remember ways using memorable punchlines.

For their 5-day public holiday sale, the Team Pumpkin had given an emotional angle to their campaign.

Big Bazaar continues to trust their agency for their crucial initiatives on digital mediums and other group companies of Future Group have also extended engagements to Team Pumpkin across Social, PR and SEO. Hence the promotional strategy in the marketing mix of Big Bazaar is mostly a branding technique.

Posted in Services, Total Reads: The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.

Chill stations are at Big Bazaar offering soft drinks, packages juices, milk and milk products, frozen foods and ice creams. Objective They aimed at launching campaign, BringsYouCloser during Labor Day Public Holiday sale to drive awareness and bring footfalls to boost the instore sale.

[Case Study] Big Bazaar takes an emotional approach on social media

Baggage counters and security guards also help check foul play and ensure safety. This helps in better search and navigation and reduces buyer purchase time, thereby generating more profits. Home and personal care include detergents, soaps, creams, deodorants, plastic products and crockery.

Retail is a fast growing sector in India and has a great deal of economic significance in the context of the India GDP. The stocking of goods is done systematically and in proper stacks so as to make them visually appealing.

It has helped boost investments and provided massive job opportunities to Indians. Big Bazaar, a household name in shopping in India, is a chain of retail stores, also known as a hypermarket.

Over 98 lakhs times content impressions were recorded on the Big bazaar official page. Very well trained and knowledgeable staff assists people in purchasing the right things which Big bazaar has in spades roughly 10, employees. For Above the line promotion Big Bazaar run advertising campaigns on television and radio while also publishing print ads in newspapers and magazines, besides online promotion.

By giving an emotional angle to the campaign, the campaign BringsYouCloser encouraged families to come and shop together. The number of people who took any action for the Big Bazaar campaign were over 18 Lakhs people.

You may also like: On Twitter, Big Bazaar trended for nearly 3. Catering to every need in a typical family, Big Bazaar has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings of the launch of three stores in Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore to Big Bazaar is a chain of discount stores targeting the value conscious segment and has its headquarters in Jogeshwari, Mumbai.

For below the line promotion, they offer discounts and coupons along with money back guarantees and several exchange offers. Let us start the Big Bazaar Marketing Mix: Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Big Bazaar.

The people strategy in the marketing of Big Bazaar is primarily having the right people trained in the right way to serve the customers. The Brand reached 50 lakhs plus people through the social campaigns.

Big Bazaar - Get Home Care, Food Items & Latest Fashion at Best Prices

Big Bazaar is largely based on the fashion format of selling through retail chains and providing grocery and a whole range of general merchandise, targeting a demographic including young working class and middle class homemakers.“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, processes for creating, capturing, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have.

Big Bazaar- Marketing Strategy - authorSTREAM Presentation. Slide 4/2/ 10 M A R K E T G R O W T H Market Share High L O W H I G H Low Big Bazaar At BCG Matrix. Big Bazaar’s New Marketing Strategy: Big Bazaar has launched new marketing strategy which is based on Guerrilla Marketing.

etc have been using the same for quite some time now and the latest entrant is our very own „Future Group‟. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Strategies Of Big Bazaar. a project on marketing strategy & customer satisfaction of big bazaar in the subject strategic management submitted by name: soumeet d.

sarkar roll no.: di. In this assignment, I have described its marketing strategies and promotional activities.

Big Bazaar Marketing Mix

The assignment is based on' the effective marketing strategy which influences customer to purchase a product of Big Bazaar' helps to understand the effect of marketing strategy which is responsible for attracting customer towards big bazaar.

Big bazzar strategies
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