Cellphones boon or bane

Even anyone can get stock quotes, latest alerts and even reminders. Even the passengers in vehicles should restrict the use of their phones as phones may distract the driver and lead to accidents.

Some want to talk dirty. It is a basic amenity for most people. Akbar Ali Hussain Vadakkencherry Diminishing values Cellphone is only one among the latest inventions, the use of which need to be checked to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance.

Some regulations should be put in place. Having acquiesced in the inherent right of people to possess and bear these contraptions, would it then be fair to ignore the rights of those who choose not to bear cellphones? Latest Posts dhara I am Dhara Shah, a BMS graduate, a friendly person with a Cellphones boon or bane go lucky nature but cannot stand by lies in front of me, sometimes stubborn as well.

Flaunt-factor gave way to disillusionment as she started to comprehend the kind of control her man now had on her.

Cellphone mania — a boon or a bane?

Because of this interruption, the rhythm of the entire class was lost. Manufacturers of phones should inscribe a warning on the handsets to make the users aware of hazards mobile phones can cause. Even one can watch movies how we can watch in computer and even one can watch any of sport match going on, the application should be loaded in to the phone which would help the sport watched.

Mandatory laws should be implemented through Government machinery. Johny Aluva Stop being selfish The number of cellphone users is increasing in the State.

Are Mobile phones boon or bane?

Cellphone users need to have a fine sense of etiquette to avoid causing irritation to others while using their phones. The literate Keralites need to be taught a lesson or two in manners on many of the small issues that cause public nuisance.

Cell phone — a boon or a bane?

If the vibration mode is switched on, the user will be alerted about an incoming call. This is a dangerous thing to do. The use of mobile phones inside churches, mosques and temples should be banned.

For the moment, one would wish to confine oneself to problems created for the common man rather than go into such issues as the security implications of the use that criminal elements can put the cellphone to. Mobile phones are fast becoming a menace and the nuisance can be controlled in certain ways:Cellphones: Boon or Bane CELL PHONE: BOON OR BANE From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance.

In this fast moving generation computers are considered to be the greatest gift of science. Cellphones: A boon or bane? The cellphone is without doubt a technological blessing, but its sounds, the ringing and the talking and the resultant cacophony in public places are turning out to be.

CELL PHONE: BOON OR BANE From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance.

In this fast moving generation computers are considered to. Cellphones are the perfect tool to take photographs of the location and conditions that caused your accident. This is crucial, because by the time your case comes to trial or negotiation, the conditions could have been changed deliberately by the at-fault party.

Mobile Phones: A boon or a bane. January 21, By Ankita sharma BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other. More by this author Follow Ankita sharma. Ankita sharma BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other 1 article 0.

Their faces break gently into a smile as they fish their cellphones out of their blouse and hold it up to show off their fancy device.

Cellphones boon or bane
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