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The heart of this opera are the lovers — Manon, who appears in all six scenes and Des Grieux, who appears in five. For a review of the latter, see: In a McVicar production, each ballet member and chorister is an individual character going about his or her business.

The McVicar production of this opera with the current cast is enthusiastically recommended. When family honor requires the kidnapping of the Chevalier by his own father, it is more than emotionally traumatic for the errant son.

The croupier, in a deliciously decadent portrayal by tenor Rodell Rosel, is surrounded by persons of great wealth and profound depravity.

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For a review of her recent Lucia at San Francisco Opera, see: They include small round tables and long monastery style dining tables. Jonas Dessay kaufmann montpellier, appearing in a concert in Montpellier, France; edited image, based on a photograph of an unidentified photographer.

A special note is the exclusive use of cloth for the costumes of a kind that existed in the 18th century no synthetics. One handsome young man loses everything except his underwear.

When Dessay kaufmann montpellier does arrive and begins conducting a spirited performance, each of the 12 fall into a choreographed ballet pantomime.

But he snuggles next to some men who find his nakedness interesting enough to provide him with some additional paper money to stuff in his underwear as they delicately stroke his legs.

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When the Lyric Opera audience enters the theater, the McVicar sets are in full display. The story ends badly for the lovers, especially for Manon, although the audience, particularly with this cast, can revel in the glorious music of the final scene.

Occasionally one or more will walk on top of the long tables, or climb up a ladder leaning against the spectator tiers. The Rue Vivienne quartet when Manon conspires with Bretigny, and Lescaut deceives des Grieux, was effectively presented.

The German tenor, now in his late 30s, possesses a lustrous voice with brilliance at the top of the tenor range, a beautiful legato, superb vocal control and the ability to move seemingly effortlessly between a projected pianissimo as if he were a tenor Tebaldi and an open voice at full volume.

In the apartment on the Rue Vivienne, the ballet characters spy on the lovers, continuously peeping from behind furnishings, even when Manon steps out of her clothes to take her bath.

But her dainty appearance belies as large a voice and as accomplished a coloratura technique as one finds in Manon or similar roles on the opera stages today.

The choristers who, unlike the ballet members, never move together in choreographed motions as a single unit, distribute themselves among the four arena spectator tiers. Many were involved in this meritorious production, but special mention should be made of the Set and Costume Designer, Tanya McCallin, who was a true collaborator on such McVicar ideas as the voyeurism and the concept of the arena.

Several minutes before the house lights dim and conductor Emmanuelle Villaume takes his place at the podium, characters in 18th century dress whom we soon will realize are the 12 members of the opera ballet begin to walk about the stage sets, peering at the audience, and constantly fanning themselves.

The ballet itself was a fascinating presentation, with a fantastic plot involving an archer-hunter and his prey. In what seems to be perfectly natural behavior, virtually all of the characters of the opera — Guillot, the Chevalier and Manon, Lescaut, Pousette, Rosette and Javotte, even the Comte des Grieux — appear to frequent this very edgy place.

Everyone is gambling, and everyone seems intoxicated. He is knocked out cold by his abductors.Dessay kaufmann. Dessay kaufmann But inthe opera world is blessed with a superstar french coloratura soprano in dessay, who brings spectacular artistry to one of the great french opera roles, which is now firmly established as as a major element of her did not disappoint saturday night, bringing all the drama and nuance massenet and his.

Jonas Kaufmann Natalie Dessay La Traviata Brindisi Live Montpellier 11 11 Mp3 s free download. Jonas Kaufmann-Natalie Dessay - Manon- Avez vous peur.

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Please wait Jonas Kaufmann - Natalie Dessay Romeo Duet Montpellier [Below: Jonas Kaufmann, appearing in a concert in Montpellier, France; edited image, based on a photograph of an unidentified photographer.] Massenet provides the music for a great tenor to show his stuff.

Natalie Dessay & Jonas Kaufmann - Manon: Saint-Sulpice scene - LIVE Montpellier (2/11). MP Dessay - Kaufmann Concert Montpellier, In the interest of full disclosure I should explain that Massenet’s Manon, the first opera in our Natalie Dessay, our Manon.

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