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All the given rights during the Weimar republic were lost. This was a weakness since artist and film makers flourished during the years of the Weimar republic, capturing historic moments and filming them from a primary perspective.

It was vital for them to maintain their racial purity; intermarriage and the mixing of the races would undermine the Aryans by polluting their blood with the Inferior races was the Racist idea of Hitler which was bought up in The Nazis began to alter the schools educational system in order to control what was taught to the children and make sure that the children would learn to look up to the Nazis.

He believed struggles between the races over resources were inevitable and that it was the destiny of the Aryans to rule over the inferior races.

The Nazis would use propaganda to harass the Jewish or other ethnic minorities which were categorized as lower classed races. The role of women living in Nazi Germany was pretty straight forward; that she was a mother of Germany.

Power, strength and determination to succeed were qualities which Nazi propaganda claimed were personified by Hitler.

Nazi Ideology

Coming on to Social Darwinism and the master race was the believe Hitler saw humanity as consisting of a hierarchy of races, with races such as the Jews, black people and Slavs being inferior races, while the Herrenvolk master race were the Aryan people of northern Europe.

Their ideology was a perfect world. The greatest weakness was most likely the abolishment of the Democracy in Germany at that time. This action would be considered as a great strength of the impact of Nazi ideology given that people were totally wrecked during the financial crash and hyperinflation.

He claimed scientific justifications for his views on struggle and conflict. This was a weakness of the impact of Nazi ideology, since the children had views about Nazism which differed from their parents causing conflicts between families. Yet this revolutionary ideology was essentially reactionary and backward looking.

When the Nazi party completely took over power, they had the vision to restore proper traditional German culture in Germany. Even though the Nazis did help Germany back on their feet and gain strength and self importance, there were many aspects which were very negative of Germany, its people and its future.

He also fed Hitler ideas about the inferiority of Jews, which ultimately led to Hitler declaring that Germans represented a superior, Aryan Race. Seeing that it is always good to preserve the traditional culture of a country, it might have benefited the German community after the moral breakdown of World War 1.

However, the weakness rose over the strength and led to a Second World War and the forever lasting defeat of the Nazi Party. Charles Sturt University, n.

He also believed that parliamentary democracy encouraged the growth of communism, an even greater evil. He thought struggle and conflict between races was necessary, part of the natural order of things.

This could be interpreted as a strength because the German population was at decline at that moment. But yet The Nazis were very socialist and pro-community, they provided free healthcare, cheap transportation, worker rights etc.

When Adolf Hitler became chancellor inhe instantly thought about consolidating his power. Hitler uses the word Socialism loosely in a way that might appeal to working-class voters.

Ben Walsh In conclusion, Nazi ideology had many strengths and many weaknesses. So to conclude The Nazis introduced many ideologies for the well being of Germany and their people. The biggest strength was that the Nazis helped germany out of its financial difficulties and restored the nations pride.

The Nazis then used cinemas and art for the own propaganda reasons. He wanted women to be used mainly for giving birth to his future followers and army. Though the prevention of foreign art because of its expression of other views and illustration of other cultures was seen as a weakness, it can also be interpreted as strengths of Nazi ideology.

This was done my adding racial studies where the children would learn about Nazism and that the Arian race was superior to any other. They thought that if you demolished all of the undesirables and the inferior people, there would remain perfection.

Increasingly after Hitler sought the support of wealthy businessman such as Hugenberg and Thyssen and was at pains to reassure them that a Nazi government would not threaten their interests.

This meant the end of Democracy. We will write a custom essay sample on What Was the Nazis Ideology in ? Citizens of Germany could not vote or speak freely.Nazi ideology had a momentous impact on Germanys foreign policy during the period of to The Nazi worldview was the belief of force that was defined by struggle.

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What Was the Nazis Ideology in 1933?

Soviet Foreign Policy: /4(1). The Social Impact Of Nazism In Germany History Essay. Print or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. "Nazism: The ideology of the Nazis, especially the policy of racial nationalism, national expansion, and state control of the economy." there were a.

Nazism also officially known as the National Socialism is defined as an ideology and practices that are influence by the National Socialist German Worker’s Party that is under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

Nazi ideology was born out of the need to attract the widest range of people from the widest range of backrounds thus creating a diverse and contradicting ideology as the 25 points prove. [tags: Papers].

During the year delivered many speeches which were the key elements in Nazi Ideology, Including the power of the will, Struggle Violence and war, Social Darwinism and the master race, people’s community, National Socialism and anti democracy and a belief in dictatorship.

Nazi ideology affected the German school education system, for instance, by including an extra class where children were taught racial studies.

This, on the other hand, was an intelligent strategy since the Germans learned self-pride after the beat down through the treaty of Versailles in and the Nazis got to unknowingly promote racism and.

Essays on nazi ideology
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