Management consulting case study frameworks

Product adoption is widespread, or at least stabilized; growth typically comes only from price increases and growth in GDP for example: Estimate the remaining customer years; in other words, how long is a typical customer expected to last with the company?

Elasticity Supply or Demand Elasticity is a concept from microeconomics that describes the tradeoff between Quantity and Price. What is the current state of demand and supply for the product or service for example: We will now start with some comprehensive frameworks and then move to some more generic ones.

You might even be provided with a basic Income Statement or Balance Sheet of a company as part of a Case Study interview question.

Assess whether any expense areas could be cut with minimal or no impact on sales. Expense-driven pricing analysis What is the fully-loaded cost for the client to produce the product or offer the service? This will set you up nicely for the rest of the case conversation. And finally the place refers to the channels the product is sold, e.

The ultimate guide to the case study frameworks for consulting case interviews

The second C is the Competitors: Once you understand what is being asked, adjust them to the case at hand. Core Concepts and Structure Scenario: The CEO would like you to assess the industry landscape of the infant foods business in Western Europe.

What are the alternatives for the customer and the relevant prices? Usually the correct answer is to increase prices in Inelastic markets price increases lead to a relatively small decrease in products sold and decrease them in Highly Elastic markets price increases lead to a large decrease in product sold.

You always want to end the case interview with a recommendation and discussion of alternatives to your recommendation, therefore being efficient with your time is critical. You first look at quantitative factors like profit, growth rate, debt ratio, etc. Profitability has remained steady but the CEO has noticed from reading industry annual reports that two publicly-listed competing ski equipment manufacturers have meaningfully higher profit margins and have also been increasing their top line Revenue.

Style — What is the management style Skills — What are the talent needs of the company? Pricing Optimization Example Case Situations What would customers be willing to pay if Facebook shifted to a subscription model we heard that this Case was conducted by the San Francisco office of a major Consulting firm recently, though the client being analyzed was not Facebook?

The first C is the Customer, which must be understood and segmented in depth. Be ready for a change of direction!

Case Interview Frameworks

The client is a market-leading, niche ski equipment manufacturer based in Colorado. January 1, Welcome back to the last in our series on breaking down case interview frameworks. It may well be that you have to borrow from all 4 to break the case down effectively.Management consulting case interview questions answers solutions, list of top consulting firms company, case interview sample example preparation tips, business case study, consulting jobs.

case interview reminders Compare current year metrics to historical to FIND THE TREND Compare "company/client" metrics (revenues, gross margins, unit sales, pricing, changes in segment mix, product mix) to competitors' metrics.

Sep 07,  · One of the core principles in management consulting problem solving and in case interview is to break down problems into smaller pieces. We do that in what we call "issue trees". free sample case Case Interview Questions & Answers.

Moldovan Coffin Maker to Exit Coffin Manufacturing Business. Case Frameworks (3) Case Interview Questions () add capacity & growth (94) business competition (82) Management Consulting Case Interviews.

“Case Interview Frameworks” is one of the most searched phrases in consulting prep. Indeed, it’s one of the core concepts in case interviews that every candidate should understand really well. Simply put, Case Interview Frameworks are like standard templates to help.

The ultimate guide to the case study frameworks for consulting case interviews March 11, June 28, by Head Junkie Learning different business frameworks can be daunting when you are preparing for management consulting interviews: 3C’s, 4P’s, SWOT, 2×2, Five forces, STP.

Management consulting case study frameworks
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