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The obstacle course involved running up a slide, crawling through Pre k observation essay tunnel, crossing a shaky bridge and then walking along a balance beam.

The three wooden boxes are spaced about eight inches apart, side by side, with the board lying across all three boxes. The board hangs past the boxes approximately three feet. Her tricycle skills were somewhat sluggish but more or less average. The crawling through the tunnel was done quickly and she was first stalled on the shaky bridge.

Preschool Observation

Bethany too was able to write her name but just not quite as nice as Bethany. The sociodramatic play I saw involved two kids Matt and Tylerthree wooden box-like objects and a board that was close to the size of a board seen on a seesaw. This section includes sociodramatic play, drawing pictures, counting and identifying leadership skills or the lack of.

She managed to cross the bridge in a modest time but she hit some trouble at the balance beam. Please say hello to Karligh and Bethany, my first volunteers of the observation.

No specific movies or TV shows are mentioned in this play. With surprising ease, Karligh crossed the monkey bars using nothing but her arms to perform this task. Bethany chose to ride only after a piece of candy bribery.

Bethany on the otherhand was shaky and uncertain from the start. The children hop off the ship and shift the board and climb Karligh was able to produce her name on paper in a legibility that was impressive for someone four years of age.

However, once again Bethany was victorious. A variety of children between the ages of two to six were observed in activities ranging from physical and motor to social and cognitive development.

After hanging from the first bar, she quickly swung her feet over to the side for leg support. We simply have Matt as the pilot and Tyler as the copilot as the two fly over the galaxy fighting other spaceships.

Both girls are in the four-year olds. As mentioned before, there were exceptions such as Karligh. Karligh also showed mastery in riding the big wheel. The last large muscle activity was completing the obstacle course.

For the observation, these skills include writing, and playing the drums the only two fine motor skills I saw both children perform. She quickly crawled through the tunnel and crossed the shaky bridge with little effort. After slowly completing about ten percent of the travel across the beam, she turned her feet sideways for the remainder of the crossing, which took about two minutes.

These children are four years old so when I say writing I of course am not talking about paragraphs or even sentences. So what do you have???? The second area in the physical and motor development involves the use of small muscle or fine motor skills.

The "strong kids" on the playground who were the fastest tricycle riders, the highest jumping and so on, seemed to shy away from more of the finer fine motor skills. As for the kids that seemed significantly dominate in fine-motor skills, they were more likely to be seen playing in the sand box or just taking it easy as opposed to climbing, jumping, etc.Free Essay: The school I went to visit was Public School It was my little brothers elementary school.

The reason I chose the school, was because I. Free Essay: I observed in the preschool class for two hours, there were a total of 12 children in the class Most of the kids that are in the preschool class.

Reflections on Preschool Child Observation Sessions essaysMy observation of children took place at a preschool in Houston, Texas. There were about fourteen children in the area where I was observing; half were boys and half girls. They were between the ages of two and five.

The first time I observ. Observation: Twinkle Little Star and Sparks Montessori Pre-school Essay Observation (by Abi Shotton, Bright Sparks Montessori Pre-school) The child I have been observing is a 3 &1/2 year old boy who is originally from India. My observations were spent in a kindergarten classroom at Osceola elementary.

During my time there I went between two of the kindergarten classroom. Free preschool child observation papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays for " Naples Christian Academy serves children from pre-k 3 through 8th grade.

NCA is a Blue Ribbon School. They received this award in The Blue Ribbon School Award is the highest award granted by the Department .

Pre k observation essay
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