Social work program evaluation

To prepare students to become beginning critical producers and consumers of the professional evaluative literature. Over the course of an evaluation, methods may need to be revised or modified. Access to the complete content on Encyclopedia of Social Work requires a subscription or purchase.

They can be strengthened through active participation or interaction with the data and preliminary explanations of what happened. Social work program evaluation users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.

Standards for "good" evaluation There are standards to assess whether all of the parts of an evaluation are well -designed and working to their greatest potential. In formative research the major questions and methodologies are: She was formerly chair of the department, having begun her career in teaching there in How will they use it?

For instance, an inside perspective may be reflected by internal documents and comments from staff or program managers; whereas clients and those who do not support the program may provide different, but equally relevant perspectives.

Logistics By logistics, we mean the methods, timing, and physical infrastructure for gathering and handling evidence. These "process uses" should be encouraged.

Program Evaluation for Social Workers

This is most effectively done by collaboratively including all possible stakeholders, i. In the course of an evaluation, indicators may need to be modified or new ones adopted.

Indicators for these and similar concepts can be created by systematically identifying and then tracking markers of what is said or done when the concept is expressed. Ensure Use and Share Lessons Learned It is naive to assume that lessons learned in an evaluation will necessarily be used in decision making and subsequent action.

Program evaluation

Remember, the standards are written as guiding principles, not as rigid rules to be followed in all situations. Are the resources allocated to the program and its various activities adequate?

CSWE Program Evaluation

The process of developing evaluation questions further refines the focus of the evaluation. Primary intended users and other stakeholders have a right to comment on evaluation decisions. For example, it may take the form of a legal contract, a detailed protocol, or a simple memorandum of understanding.

For example, whether the job performance standards are set by an organization or whether some governmental rules need to be considered when undertaking the task.

The latter definition emphasizes acquiring and assessing information rather than assessing worth or merit because all evaluation work involves collecting and sifting through data, making judgements about the validity of the information and of inferences we derive from it, whether or not an assessment of worth or merit results.

The choice of methods has implications for what will count as evidence, how that evidence will be gathered, and what kind of claims can be made. Answers that were both written and recorded audibly were gathered in an attempt to gather anecdotal information regarding specific aspects of the bereavement program.

Introduction to Evaluation

Most importantly, to prepare students to fully appreciate and understand how case- and program-level evaluations will help them to increase their effectiveness as beginning social work practitioners New to this Edition: To determine what the effects of the program are: For instance, a balanced scorecard for a single program might include indicators of how the program is being delivered; what participants think of the program; what effects are observed; what goals were attained; and what changes are occurring in the environment around the program.

Agency for International Development and general systems theory and operations research approaches in this category. Thus, the group of people who participate would likely be more comparable to the group who did not participate.

She is currently chair of the social work department at Elizabethtown College, where she has taught since If they indicate that the evidence presented is incomplete or irrelevant and that no action would be taken, then this is an early warning sign that the planned evaluation should be modified.

Program Evaluation Group

Because of the amount of effort required, reaching justified conclusions in an evaluation can seem like an end in itself. The ability to translate new knowledge into appropriate action is a skill that can be strengthened through practice.The future of program evaluation within the social work profession is also discussed along with various trends.

Program Evaluation: Lessons From the Field

We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The results of the program evaluation can be used to enhance, refine, publicize, or support the request for grants and awards.

The benefits are only limited by. Program evaluation - the type of evaluation discussed in this section - is an essential organizational practice for all types of community health and development work. It is a way to evaluate the specific projects and activities community groups may take part in, rather than to evaluate an entire organization or comprehensive community initiative.

Program Evaluations. Social Work Program Evaluation Summary Social Work Program Evaluation Summary Social Work Program Evaluation Summary Social Work Program Evaluation Summary Social Work Program Evaluation Summary Social Work Program Evaluation Summary familiar with the program competencies.

The evaluation measures where the student is relative to the student’s growth and development in relation to the competencies. make thorough notes and comments from a strengths perspective that reflected Clinical Social Work.

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Description of Work. Program and/or policy evaluation and development.

Social work program evaluation
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