The united states longest war essay

He states, Vietnam, Vietnam. It was thought that the fall of Indochina would cause in rapid succession the collapse of the other nations of Southeast Asia.

The steady expansion of the war spurred strong international and domestic pressures for negotiations, but the military stalemate produced an equally firm diplomatic impasse. Herring reports that in the aftermath of the war, the nation experienced a self-conscious, collective amnesia It was not a strategically significant place where the result of the conflict can really turn the world balance of power.

A treaty was offered and then finally accepted The united states longest war essay Thieu. During the first three months of Johnsons presidency, the situation in South Vietnam steadily worsened. Or if we return to the question that tormented Lyndon Johnson - how America will be perceived - the basic goal of Vietnam War was not achieved.

Herring reports that from a domestic standpoint, Johnsons actions in the Tonkin Gulf were masterly. In this chapter, Herring successfully shows that what had begun as a localized rebellion against French colonialism had expanded into an international conflict of major proportions A Different Kind of War," gives a good, pragmatic explanation of the failure of American intervention.

In his last speech in Austin December, Johnson said, "If our efforts continue, and if our will is strong, and if our hearts are rightand if courage remains our constant companion, then, my fellow Americans, I am confident we shall overcome These factors had been reinforced with other reasons leading to failure: In closing this novel, Herring discusses the legacy of Vietnam.

On the night of August 4th, the Maddox and Turner Joy suddenly reported being under attack. The greatest impact of the war seemed to be on Americas foreign policy.

In the United States ended its military involvement in the Vietnam War and in South Vietnam surrendered to northern forces. Gaddis explains in his "Long Peace" - the Russians wanted to change the status quo, while the Americans were striving to save it.

Diems nationalism and administrative experience made him the logical choice for the premiership of an independent Vietnam, but he was lacking many qualities that were required for the challenges he would face.

One voter complained afterwards: Ho Chi Minh swore to fight France to gain A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers. Russians were fighting for "justice and equality," Americans were defending the "democracy and freedom.

Next, the president authorized a major commitment of ground forces and a new strategy for their deployment. This war would have lasting effects on the United States.

American money and technology helped to repair the vast damages resulting from more than a decade of war. The Vietnamese were not Germans, Russians or Italians. Herring states that the Truman administration had no interest in championing schemes of international trusteeship that would weaken and alienate the European states whose help we need to balance Soviet power in Europe Between andthe United States came full circle in Vietnam.

According to Herring the main cause for the American troubles was the character of the war. Getting in to the war was the easy part, now the trouble is finding a road out of South Vietnam. The existence of weapons of mass destruction WMD made the opposing states careful in their actions.

The World's Longest War

It started on the base of dubious arguments, 1 and as Lyndon Johnson admits, without "any plan for victory militarily or diplomatically.

Vietnam has remained one of the worlds poorest countries. Viking Penguin, by Daniel Ellsberg. On the one hand WMD kept the existing status quo in a grip, on the other hand the U. This was the theme that surrounded Kennedy throughout the campaign, and it set the tone for his administration.

There are serious doubts about what happened on these dates. More like a downward spiral, Vietnam was becoming more dependent on the United States for support. Johnson reports to the Congress that North Vietnamese patrol boats attacked U.

Analysis Of Americas Longest War The United States In Vietnam

The tide is unfavorable.The longest war in the history of the United States of America has taken place in Vietnam during the Cold War. “The US fear of a communist Europe led them to intervene in a war that was not seen in a vital importance or that would not be in the country`s interest to gain any advantage” (Bernstein /8, p.

86). Analysis Of America's Longest War: The United States In Vietnam Essays: OverAnalysis Of America's Longest War: The United States In Vietnam Essays, Analysis Of America's Longest War: The United States In Vietnam Term Papers, Analysis Of America's Longest War: The United States In Vietnam Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for. The Cold War: the United States longest war lasting more than 40 years. Due the relative age the Cold War ended less than 20 years ago. The Cold War was America’s opposition to communist worldview.

Wars were fought on many diverse fronts, ranging from actual wars in Korea and Vietnam to providing economic aid to allies of the free World. United States Enters the Vietnam War: Johnson’s Decision to Intervene United States History April 2, The battle for world power grasped the attention of many countries during the ’s.

Throughout the decade, the United States and the United Soviet Socialist Republic were aggressively challenging each other to gain worldwide superiority.

At the time when the war started what America was doing was really important, and the stakes of how the United States were presenting in the eyes of the world seemed much higher than today.

Analysis Of America's Longest War: The United States In Vietnam

The fundamental reason for American involvement in Indochina was the demonstration of commitment. The Essay on Vietnam War 8 years later. In the United States ended its military involvement in the Vietnam War and in South Vietnam surrendered to northern forces.

The united states longest war essay
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