Why turkey should join the eu

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Accession of Turkey to the European Union

Otherwise Europe will be very dull without Turkey and Turkey will be very disappointed. In my opinion, the longer this drags out the greater the chance that this backfires and causes ill will across the Muslim world towards the EU.

Chirac is a strong supporter of the Turkish integration. I am satisfied to find so many useful info here in the post, we want work out more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. Even nowadays, the strategic and symbolic importance of accepting Turkey - a bridge between the Middle Eastern, Muslim world and the West - will create the exact international influence the EU is seeking as a counter-balance to the United States.

Gareth Davies, Seoul, South Korea If there are those who fear Turkey it is as simple as, fearing what one does not understand.

Printable version Should Turkey join the EU? Solana is roughly at the level of a not so good college-level student. Of course the list goes on to include: In fact the packages adopted in Turkey fall far short of the minimum that is required of her to fulfil the Copenhagen Criteria.

Marc BelgianMexico The question is: Well, if we do swallow it, we do deserve it.

Also, it is arrogance to say that "Europe" is Christian when we already have such a diverse array of faiths practiced within the EU, of which most of us are tolerant. But it will also be predictable, and leaders will only have themselves to blame.

This mentality which you has in your genetics coming from your past. Now is our chance to see this ahead of time. They do so in stages, a process that involves agreeing separately to each of 35 chapters.

Their integration will be easier. They bring nothing to the party other than another large, economically challenged country looking for handouts from the "rich" nations. Sinceunder the guidance of Ataturk, Turkey has been following the ideals of the Modern World and confirmed her place in Europe.

Today it is arguably the most progressive of all the Muslim countries. How can we now reward them with EU membership?

This is opposite the European way of thinking and for me this is the main reason why the EU should wait longer, till Turkey adjusts. It has made concessions and the EU has returned nothing. Trevor Fenning, Jena, Germany Turkey most certainly should join the EU if it puts its standards in line with those of the EU, but there cannot be any weakening of those standards by the countries of the EU to facilitate Turkish entry.

Employment Allowing Turkey to join would provide a fresh influx of workers for Europe.

Turkey isn't joining the EU, but voters are right to be angry

What started as a grand vision for peace and prosperity in the continent of Europe seems to be just stumbling forward under its own inertia. If peace can be brought to the Middle East by resolving the conflict between Israeli and Palestinians, then Europeans rather than Americans would harvest the benefits: But at that time, I am sure Turkey will hesitate to accept full membership of this organisation unless honesty and impartiality established among EU mmeber states.Should Turkey join the EU?

Could Turkey really join the EU by 2020?

The EU and Turkey have struck a deal over a demand that Turkey recognise Cyprus before it begins talks on membership. European and Turkish diplomats said a compromise had been reached in which Turkey promises to recognise Cyprus by next October's start date for negotiations. Jun 13,  · Why Turkey must join the European Union Editor's Note: Javier Solana, formerly the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, and a former Secretary General of NATO, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution.

Since part of Turkey is in Europe, they should be able to join the EU! Although half of the country is in Asia and half of the country is in Europe, being that half of the country is in fact in Europe, it should be able to join the EU.

In MayCameron said Turkey would join EU in yearbased on the rate of negotiations' progress. On 3 Julyat an election rally of Christian Democrat Party in Düsseldorf, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble stated that Turkey should not join the European Union as.

Why Turkey should join Admitting Turkey to Europe’s most exclusive club will beyond any doubt be a strategic decision which will have a profound impact on the future of Europe.

It will change the way the Union will look at itself and will help it define its future shape.

Turkey and the European Union: The pros and cons of membership

EU membership would be symbolic of Turkey’s success as a secular Islamic nation and a model for others from Morocco to Indonesia. Turkey has been fully entwined in Europe’s history since the Ottomans crossed the Bosporus in the 14th Century.

Why turkey should join the eu
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