Write a query to display the current date in oracle

Data Visualization Desktop 10

These can then be locked until such time that a re-gather is deemed necessary. The last two are specific to external tables only. The following stops all rman commands.

At the SQL prompt, enter the following statements: We can see that the advantages of external tables are compelling. On the other side, a View is basically nothing but the subset of a table and is used for the purpose of storing the database in a logical manner. Use the following command to access the help system: But what do we fetch the returning data into?

Q27 What do you know about the stored procedure? This database is a more appropriate candidate because the queries in Steps 2 through 6 reveal that the SAT database applied 5 archived redo log files more than the NYC database even though there was only a 1-second delay lag in the receipt of archived redo log files by the NYC database.

Issue a SQL statement such as the following: To be completely unambiguous you can optionally give a new parameter to specify the type of the parameter.

UNIX Commands for DBAs

When analyzing your UNIX machine, make sure that the machine is not swapping at all and at worst paging lightly. Otherwise, we can simply use the default parsing specified in the FIELDS clause, which in our simple example only lists the field delimiter; Line A drop down menu allows to show the same graphs based on any measure defined in the dataset.

Q21 What is the significance of the default constraint in SQL? The command is very versatile. Use the following command to recall the history of SQLcl commands: Manua lly retrieve any missing archived redo log files using an operating system utility. As you could read in this post the new version of Data Visualization Desktop adds a series of really interesting features enabling not only the data visualisation but also data exploration and wrangling.

This indicates log file 11 is currently being applied. Note that logfiles are appended on each select from an external table so in a regular batch system we might wish to uniquely name each output file for support and diagnostic purposes.

The location clause of an external table can be modified to cater for this without invalidating any dependencies such as views or packages. The names of the static and member functions provide a good summary of Method 4 requirements. Use the following commands to write interactive commands: The same is considered when it comes to restricting the access of a database.

It is probably sufficient in most cases to gather statistics on a representative file or set of files for each external table once. It comes with so many dedicated features in it that are good enough to make a database completely useful and reliable to consider. Imagine the various IDEs and middle-tier applications we use to query data from Oracle.

We can generate a simple csv-file from the existing EMP table as follows using the oracle-developer.

The number of context switches per second. The REMARK command must appear at the beginning of a line, and the comment ends at the end of the line a line cannot contain both a comment and a command. The very first thing is they consume almost no space which makes them good enough to be considered at every situation.

For an example of this, see this oracle-developer. Thus, the first thing that can help keeping up the pace in this matter is a powerful query language or a controlling procedure.

At the same time, the users are able to consider views for simply retrieving the outcomes that belongs to queries which are complicated in nature. This reduces the time we spend executing a query as some of the time-intensive setup work is already done for us.

GRANT/REVOKE privileges in Oracle.

All the repeated values or the ones which are duplicate get deleted automatically.The MySQL server maintains many system variables that configure its operation. Each system variable has a default value. System variables can be set at server startup using options on.

STL_WLM_QUERY. Contains a record of each attempted execution of a query in a service class handled by WLM.

Demos, Syntax, and Example Code of Oracle Hint Usage. GRANT/REVOKE privileges in Oracle.


With the GRANT statement you can grant: System privileges to users and roles. Roles to users and roles. Both privileges and roles are either local, global, or external. I have a query expression in Cognos where I need to compare a past date to the current date. I don't see one in the functions list and I'm otherwise unsure how to put the query date inside a query.

The command number in the history (more on this later) \d. The date in Weekday Month Date format \H. The host name with the domain name. \h is the hostname without the domain.

Write a query to display the current date in oracle
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